Control and Risk Self-Assessment (CRSA) Forum

The CRSA Forum operates in the fast-paced world of corporate governance and risk management.   It is an independent group formed by enthusiastic practitioners and academics who value the ability to share experiences and learn lessons from each other.   Originally set up in the early 1990s to promote CRSA (Control and Risk Self Assessment) techniques, it has developed over the years to meet the challenges of corporate governance and risk management with CRSA being one of the tools used to meet those challenges. CRSA is particularly relevant to the human aspects of governance and risk and can be a key tool for understanding and assessing culture and behaviour in organisations.

The Forum benefits from a wide network of practitioners and experts who offer their time and knowledge freely so that collectively we can all better manage risk (including strategic financial, environmental and operational risks) in our organisations.   Members are drawn from a wide range of organisations, from investment banking and insurance to public and not for profit enterprises and professional disciplines including academia.  In keeping with the values of the group, membership is open to all practitioners and people with a genuine interest in the subjects irrespective of experience or qualifications.

One of the Forum’s strengths is the diversity of background and skills that participants bring.  Membership is free and informal.  Members from new practitioners to executive and non-executive directors share their successes, experiences, concerns and frustrations in a positive enabling environment. Members also help each other outside of the more formal meeting structure such as assisting less experienced members with risk meetings in their organisation.

The Forum is directed and controlled by a small Steering Group of Forum members. If you wish you can contact the Forum Steering Group Members for an informal discussion.  We also welcome members who may wish to share their experiences by presenting or leading practical sessions.

For further information contact paul(at)

Forum Objectives

  1. promote the value and benefits of CRSA in corporate governance, enterprise risk management and organisational improvement
  2. share diverse approaches and experiences
  3. identify and develop best practices
  4. provide a resource for CRSA users
  5. acting as a catalyst for new ideas
  6. collaborate with relevant professional bodies

Our Mission

“Sharing, progressing and promoting best practices in self-assessment of enterprise risk management and control in all organisations”

Our Vision

 “a recognised centre of excellence in the UK, Europe and increasingly worldwide,  bringing together interested parties from diverse organisations and professional backgrounds promoting and developing CRSA”

Forum Meetings

The Forum meets each three or four times a year usually in London, hosted by Forum members. Meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.